Life Community Church Memorial Chapel is affiliated with Life Community Church (LCC), a non-denominational Christian Church founded in Ada, Oklahoma in February 2006 by Pastors Mickey and Glenda Keith.

The LCC Memorial Chapel is a part of the LCC and is connected to the church by a covered walkway; however, the chapel is available and dedicated to serving people whatever their faith, denomination or creed.

Like the church, the 1,400 square foot LCC Memorial Chapel was designed in a contemporary, Modern Gothic style, with a white stone exterior. Inside, the chapel has a spacious vaulted ceiling with recessed lighting throughout.

The centerpiece of the chapel is a large, specially commissioned 11.5 foot high by 10 foot wide, 14-panel Gothic arch stained glass artwork that provides a signature statement about this unique facility. Its Biblical imagery, depicting Christ among children, reflects Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these” (NIV). The leaded glass artwork was produced using the traditional techniques which have not changed for hundreds of years.

The LCC Memorial Chapel is open during designated hours each week and an administrator and volunteer staff are available to assist visitors and those who wish to use the chapel’s “commemorative” services, which include both traditional inscription methods in special memorial volumes and digital technology to record and preserve memorial information.

Along with the church, the LCC Memorial Chapel opened in 2015 on a 10-acre site that also includes a reconstruction of the cabin (and original burial site) of U.S. Senator Robert. S. Kerr and the Chickasaw Nation Pavilion. The LCC maintains these facilities and they are open to the public during designated hours weekly.